Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yes, indeed!

"Life is Good"
Mary Beth Shaw
8" x 8"
Acrylic, collage, Wood Icing on wood; presented ready to hang

This is a sweet little painting that I hope will make you smile. When I painted this, I was playing with Triads, using only the Primary Colors of Red/Yellow/Blue plus White. I wanted to move out of my earthy palette and visit some soothing tones. There is a lot of texture with Wood Icing and I drew my 'safe symbols' of squares and circles into the piece. The language was done in my usual random way - I pull a vintage page of text and paint it white, leaving only the words I like. It is a meditative process for me and I never quite know what will emerge. 
was $125  
on sale now $96


  1. Beautiful! One of my most favorite color palettes!

  2. Lovely piece. I'm looking forward to more browsing.Thanks, too for your comment about my abstracts. :-)

  3. Bright and beautiful. I do love your work.